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Nov 7, 2009 7:00pm EST
, inside the michael jackson case. and aphrodite jones, author of "michael jackson conspiracy." plus lisa bloom, an anchor on the legal network in session. lisa, what do you believe are the biggest lessons we can learn from the michael jackson trial? >> i think there's no question that his celebrity status and what led to his acquittal in part. because we know from some of the jurors who were interviewed afterwards that back in the jury room during the deliberations some of the jurors said, we can't convict my michael. not my michael. my michael could not have done this. you know, we have celebrity culture in this country that's almost like royalty. there are certain people who are above the law, and i think in the michael jackson case, the celebrity status is what put it over the top. yes there were other factors, but none as big as the celebrity factors >> but aphrodite jones, i have to say i sat there along with you and diane ands conspiracy aspect of this case made my head explode. i couldn't make head or tails of it. they're keeping the whole family hostage. meanwhile they're getting
Nov 14, 2009 7:00pm EST
? look at this wild scene. >>> plus, today's sentencing of lisa nowak finally comes to a crescendo. is she doing time? >>> let's meet today's winner. caitin. she's a mom that has a big secret. her husband asked her to quit drinking and she cut back, but only for a while. in her letter, she writes, when i saw the story about the woman who -- i shuttered. it could have been me so many times. i'm happy to say, she found sob ryety in june of 2006 and wants to tell her story in the hopes it will help other women. for sharing your courageous story, you're going to be getting a copy of my book, plus a chance to win a trip to new york city and visit me right here on the set of "issues ". we'll have a sober, fun time. if you're struggling with addiction, please check out my new book. it can help. >>> remember that nasa love triangle? the former astronaut accused of driving across the country, diapers were involved, to get revenge on her exlover. a slap on the wrist is what she got today. was it fair? we'll hear from the victim first. amazing video in boston. a woman lucky to be alive, check
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2